The Key to Success!!!

Dear readers,

The most important thing in life is to have clarity to know what you want to do, have, and be. Lack of this clarity will result in confusion and under achievement. Every great life achievement commences with having a vision… a specific goal that inspires and motivates you to reach higher and beyond what you have ever achieved before.

What is your vision that enables you to achieve your goal?

Imagine for a second that you have no limitation on what you can do, have or be…

Imagine that you have all the time, money, resources, experience, skills, knowledge, all the friends and contacts needed…

If you could have anything in life, what will it be?

Project forward three years and visualise that your life is now perfect in every way.

What does it look like? How do you feel?

Who is there with you? What are you doing?

Describe your ideal future as if was perfect in every respect…

Take a breath…Hopefully I gave you something to think about…

The key to success is quite simple as all great truths seem to be.

What is it then? It is to set one challenging and big goal and to pay any price, overcome any obstacle and persist through any difficulty until you finally achieve it.

Once you achieve an important goal, you create a pattern, a model for success in your subconscious mind and it will repeat that success when attempting to achieve other goals.

Yes, by overcoming adversity and obstacles and achieving one great goal in any area of your life, you will program yourself for success in other areas as well. Every success, over and above your first one, builds belief and confidence that you will be successful next time.

In a nutshell, we learn to succeed by succeeding. The more we achieve, the more we can achieve. It’s the early process of motivating yourself to set and achieve that FIRST goal that moves you one step closer to becoming an achiever.

If we are determined and motivated we can accomplish almost any goal that we set for ourselves if we persist long enough and work hard enough. We will learn to persist by persevering in the face of great adversity when everyone and every fibre of our being screams at us to quit. Just remember that the only person who can stop to achieve your goals is YOU…nobody else.

I strongly believe in the saying that “what does not kill makes you stronger”. My personal experience, especially recently, has proved it to be the truth. I thought I was tough enough and I had a strong enough personality to go through any obstacles presented in front of me to achieve my goals, but believe me what I am today is a different person to what I was only a year ago. I had to allow people to affect and to improve my life and sometimes it is the person that comes unexpectedly and as a  pleasant surprise that makes the biggest impact in your life (a special person who I am infinitely grateful to has been my TomTom in the past year in every aspect of my life and I cannot thank him enough for it). As a result I became a person of great strength by persevering in the crucible of intense difficulty, and each time you force yourself to persevere, rather than giving up, our character “crystallizes” at a new and higher level until we become unstoppable and we finally succeed. Believe me, if I made it, you can do it too!!! It is not going to be an easy journey but it is worth it…

I want you to promise me only one thing after reading this article: think about your goal and visualise it to make it real to you and take the first step even if it is a small one to get closer to achieve it. You will feel an inner satisfaction of accomplishment that will motivate you to accomplish your goals…

Have a lovely day and please take action NOW!

Viv 🙂