Ready for your SWOT analysis?

Dear readers,

Hope this article finds you well!

Last week, I spoke about motivation and what we need to do to stay motivated at all times.

During the past few days, it has come to my attention that while motivation is vital, our most important tool for reaching our goals is to develop self-awareness of who we are – yes we need to have clarity of ourselves and what our strengths and weaknesses are in order to understand the reasons for our decisions.

Do you agree?

How can we have clarity to make our decisions?

Well, what I am going to let you in on is a fantastic technique I call the SWOT analysis tool. Fortunately for this week’s session I have a volunteer, a friend in fact, Les. I thought it would be a great idea to have her share her experience applying the technique and what benefits she obtained from it.

Before you continue reading, I thought it would be helpful if we start by building up a positive mindset – ask yourself the following compelling questions:

What is the connection between knowing who you are and achieving your success?

Can your identity change, evolve and transform during the years?

How can you put what you are reading in this article to work for you?

Ok, now that we have taken the time to answer these questions let’s move onto Les’s experience.

“Wait, what is the SWOT tool?

The SWOT analysis is a powerful tool that helps to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (hence the acronym SWOT).

So are you ready to identify your own list of Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? 

The first goal is Self Awareness.

Step 1Write down your “Business Mission”.

This could be the big goal you are trying to achieve, the business you want to build, the amount of money you’d like to make by a certain date.

Step 2:  On separate pages, list Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses.

Be concise when writing your list, use one word answers where possible. i.e. Uncertainty, Impatience, Analytic.  By making it concise, your subconscious can identify your Strengths / Weaknesses at first glance

Step 3:  Add in the following columns as per the diagram below.

What positive action do I need to take to use it to the fullest?

What percentage of my time do I use it?

How does it affect my decision making?

When does it become a weakness or a strength?

What positive actions can I take to overcome it?

Now fill in to the remainder of the spreadsheet.  Just remember to be as concise as possible. 

As a starting point, your spreadsheet could look like this below.

SWOT self analysis

Areas of Strengths

What positive action do I need to take to use it to the fullest?

% of the time used

How does it affect my decision making?

When does it become a weakness?

What positive actions can I take to overcome this?

East going nature

Harmony is important to me


I look for a solution where everyone is happy

Not stating when I disagree with things. When there is a conflict, I sometimes go with the flow to maintain harmony

Learn how to say things tactfully


Act, Review, Polish. Read Goals DAILY


A constant search for solutions

Over analysis and no action. Attempt to help when others do now want help.

Set timeline for goals. Read body language of others to see if they are absorbing.

Strength no. 3

Strength no. 4

Strength no .5

Just remember that: My weaknesses are my Opportunities to improve. The more weaknesses the more Opportunities. (Don’t take it as excuses! You need to work on them!)

Areas of weaknesses How it hinders me What positive actions do I need take for me to improve?
Impatience, short attention span Want to fly before I can walk To have patience. Find a successful person and learn their success formulas. Build a timeline of how I can take action in a step by step manner
Laziness To overcome laziness, to have someone accountable for each endeavor I take, and to set short term goals.
Weakness no. 3
Weakness no .4
Weakness no .5

The second goal is Clarity.

Step 4: Once you have all the boxes filled in, review it and ask yourself whether you can make it more concise.  The more concise you are with your answers, the clearer your list and reasons will appear.

Also ask yourself if any item can be classified as a strength rather than a weakness or vice versa.  I found that by discussing this with a friend, Viv to be exact, they might have a different outlook to me. This step helped me realise that some of my qualities I previously perceived as weaknesses were in fact strengths!

The third goal is Taking Action and Continual Self evaluation.

Step 5: Now that you have identified what actions to take with regards to maximising your strengths and overcoming your obstacles, PUT IT INTO ACTION NOW!

Remember to monitor your progress weekly.

What are the benefits of the SWOT analysis?

Doing the exercise provided me with a list of my own qualities which make up who I am.  Once I identified these, “warts and all,” it was easy to see what actions I could take to maximise on my Strengths and overcome my Weaknesses, hence making me a stronger person overall.”

Thanks Les for your personal experience and for agreeing to share it with all of us!

This is one of the best personal development tools that is in my arsenal!

Please make good use of it as it is very powerful and you will see immediate results! I can guarantee!!!

Just remember to be honest with yourself. Identifying your full potential and knowing yourself better can be a huge assetutilise it to your fullest to achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Remember that becoming the best you takes action, courage and honesty. Your happiness and success in life flow from becoming clear about who you are and establishing your authentic identity. Think of it as your own personal brand – first build it inside yourself and then unleash it externally in the world to create value from it!

As you become aware of who you are and feel more comfortable in your own skin, other people will be drawn to you and bring you greater opportunity.

It’s up to you to fully grasp your identity – this is an inner process that’s not readily observable by others and use it to your advantage to succeed and above all to better yourself and be the best you can be!

Don’t ever change just to impress and please someone, change because it makes you a better person & it leads you to a better future! 

Look for opportunities on a DAILY basis to make you the person you want to be!

Isn’t that what we all want, to be the best you can be?

To your success and your self-discovery!

Les :-) & Viv :-)