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The 2 ultimate methods to increase your productivity!

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Hope my article finds you well! :-)

This article will cover my truth no. 6 ‘Establish Deadlines and Accountability!’ that I listed in my previous article: 10 Essential Truths to take yourself to the next level.

Let’s start then…

Have you ever struggled to start taking action to achieve your goal?


Have you ever felt stuck and tempted to give up as projects bring very small results no matter how much energy and effort you put into it?

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You see, if you experienced any of the above situations, you are not alone. It’s easy to get trap in procrastinating to start taking action to achieve our goals as well as feeling stuck once we started taking action.

Have you ever wondered what are the reasons behind it?

To be able to accomplish our goals, they have to be timed, they have to have a deadline. ‘ A goal is a dream with deadlines.’- Napoleon Hill. Our unconscious mind operates from the principle of mañana, i.e. why do today what I can do tomorrow. If we don’t tell our unconscious mind specifically when we want to achieve our goal, we will not do it. Our goal also has to be set towards what we want, motivating us to keep our focus on it.


Once we set a deadline to achieve our goals, we can measure our progress on a weekly and on a monthly basis. This is an essential step to take as review your progress ensures that you have taken all the actions planned for that week. Tick off all actions taken during the week or month and review any you have not actioned yet, noting the reasons or excuses why not.

What are the reasons why fixed deadlines make us achieve our goals?

Simply because, deadline is the time commitment by which your task or goal must be achieved. This is a powerful strategic tool we must use to our advantage. When we set a deadline and expect to get our goal accomplished quickly, they usually do! What are the reasons behind this? It usually takes as much time as we allow them to take! You see, we always work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline. By consciously choosing to enforce deadlines, they increase our accountability and focus, essentially fast tracking our results and rewards.

What are the benefits of having deadlines?

A deadline enforces a strong sense of urgency and challenges us to perform. As a result, it generates energy and helps us get tasks done more effectively. The best approach is a clearly understood deadline that is shared, agreed upon and committed to as the silver bullet of proactive behaviour.

Deadlines represent commitment, this is a black and white choice: you are committed or you are not.

Deadlines enforce accountability and they create a sense of urgency to improve your results.

Goals focus on what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve them. As such it can happen that they fail to generate the necessary sense of urgency. Day to day routine and demands usually take precedence, meaning the execution of our goals will be put on the back burner. Consequently, effective strategic planning requires deadlines. Put the deadline dates on your calendar to ensure that you remain focused and on track to achieving your goals.


Usually, once the deadlines are set, the adrenaline starts to flow and you will pull together to set aside short-term demands and focus on the future. Your challenge is to meet each deadline set and astound yourself by what you are able to accomplish! :-)


Fixed deadlines, no-negotiable deadlines make us watch how we use our time. Knowing that the clock is ticking is one of the best motivators for taking action. It represents our commitment, reinforces our accountability and creates a sense of urgency! ‘The ultimate inspiration is a deadline.’ – Nolan Bushnell

 clock is ticking

We have just discussed the first method to become more productive and efficient is to have a deadline!

The second method which goes in hand with the first is to be held accountable to someone i.e. a coach to ensure that you take all the actions on a weekly basis, avoid excuses and keep moving forward in the fastest and most efficient way possible!


I speak from personal experience, since I immersed myself in self-development, I have always had coaches for different tasks in my life, at one point I had six. The reason is because we are accountable to them, we will have fixed deadlines and we will be monitored on our progress from an external person which increases our motivation and our accountability to achieve our tasks.

Also, our review our progress, provide us with invaluable feedback, tips and suggestions. This helps speed up our progress to get to the next level by avoiding setbacks and sidestepping inefficient strategies that will only slow us down! As a result of having coaches, our focus is intensified. Knowing that both options and time are diminishing assets, our ability to focus on high payoff activities becomes an obvious priority.

Overall we become more productive and efficient if we fully capitalise on our coach’ s expertise and knowledge.  Given that experience and knowledge are possibly two of the most expensive assets in the world, it’s a tremendous advantage to make full use of your mentors and coaches. Think about how much more you could achieve if you have 20 years more experience behind you. :-)

beckham & coach

I speak from personal experience, I’m a deadline person. I work on numerous projects at the same time and I found that what makes me successful, productive and more efficient is that I have deadlines to meet. This means I have no choice but to get things done by setting clear goals, raising the bar, setting up my game and embracing a take-no-prisoners attitude. Also I need to be accountable to someone else externally to get the job done! Having coached many entrepreneurs and people, clearly those whom hold the greatest accountability to me with strict deadlines, achieve the greatest results. Guess what I’m known as now? ‘The Accountability Coach!’ :-)

It’s not an easy journey, I know. You might encounter a lot of setbacks and obstacles along the way but believe me, it’s a worth one!

I will leave you with an empowering quote to build your motivation to get started and to keep you going:

‘Never quite. If you fall…get right back up. If doesn’t matter what happened yesterday.

Today’s a new day. It’s up to you to get back on track. It’s up to you to move closer to your goals and dreams.

YOU CAN DO IT.‘ – Brad Gouthro

Always remember I am happy to share your journey with you, so please do get in touch if you are looking to bring yourself to the next level in your life! :-)

To your increase Productivity!

Viv :-)

Double Winner Awards Author of ‘The book on Success