Progress: Review it to measure your Success!

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Have you ever asked yourself what is the key to achieve success in the fastest way possible?


Have you ever wondered how come most successful people seem to go from one success to another without obstacles?


What is the real secret of successful people?


If you have ever asked yourself these questions, believe me, you are not alone…I keep hearing the same questions over and over again from my clients, friends, acquaintances, etc. and some time ago, even myself wondered on the same ones. In this article, the final one of the series: 10 Essential Truths to take yourself to the next level, I will cover my truth no. 10 : ‘Review your progress and your success with your Coach!‘  :)

This is a quite hot topic and very common one. You will find a lot of different perspectives to answer the opening questions above and surely they have all valid points as they are drawn from own personal experiences.


From my own personal point of view, I have noticed a commonality to successful people both included in my own circle of influence, my clients and reading a lot of biographies of successful people: they regularly review their progress with their Coach!

beckham & coach

You might ask: What are the reasons, surely it must be something more complex than this?


As human being, we love complicating matters! If it’s too simple we can’t believe it, isn’t it? I’ve been through this reasoning with nearly every client of mine when shown simple tools and techniques to improve their performances, their skills, overcoming their self-limiting beliefs, etc. and guess what? They all said the same: ‘That is it? Isn’t it too simple? Must be something that I’m missing!’ I spend more time reasoning with them why it’s so simple and it will work then explaining the tools and techniques to use! Crazy, isn’t it? :)


Think about this:


Who is the best person to plan and train Muhammed Ali to be on the ring or David Beckham to kick the ball on the football pitch?


Have you ever heard of a boxer or a football team without a coach?


What are the reasons why the best athletes in the world still have coaches if they are already above their competitors?

You might recognise these questions as I have already asked them in one of my previous article but they fit perfectly with these article too! By the reflective questions above, it’s clear that there is a huge difference between reviewing our results by ourselves and with a coach otherwise both Muhammed Ali and David Beckham won’t have any. The reasons?

We can find any justification to take specific course of action and achieving certain results but when we review our progress with a coach, he/she will challenge our reasons and unveil our excuses to make us move forward fasterWe need an external person such as a coach/mentor to analyse and provide us with crucial feedback on our performance to move us forward to our next level. Their input is invaluable to our growth and progress and most of the time they will remind us to go back to the basics, as it is usually these key fundamentals that are completely overlooked. These are not the only benefits. Knowing that someone will check on our results will intensify our commitment and accountability and strengthen our focus and motivation to stick to our plan. If you don’t believe me, you have to experience it! 

Let me ask you one more question:

Who is the person that always gets recognised by the winners during their interviews?

I guess the answer is:

Their coach/mentor, isn’t it?


This should make you think about how successful people raise their bar of their game to take themselves to the next level. :)

Now, here are the two real questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you coachable and willing to accept constructive feedback?

Are you willing to do what it takes to move yourself to the next level of success?

If the answers of both questions are positive then it doesn’t matter where you are now in your life journey. :)

NOW, it’s the time to step up and raise the bar of your game! To accomplish it, you will need clarity, a set of actions to follow, the right tools, strategies, techniques and especially a coach, a mentor and a team to accelerate your journey to your next level of success! :) On this subject, I also invite to read a very inspiring post from my dear bro entitled: Action, Action, Action! Enjoy your reading and as a result, please take ACTION:)

It’s only by doing things others have not that one can advance.’ – George Patton


To your Successes!

Viv :)

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