Mining Your Potential – Focus on Your Passion

“My only goal in life is to simply be a better version of myself”. ….
This is a quote that I particularly identify with and explains a bit about how I view the world and how I try to live my life.

Well, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

I don’t have time to aspire to be someone else, nor do I want to be. Striving to better one’s self is not only important from a career perspective, but also life in general.

You may be thinking that it’s difficult to continuously develop yourself, and I would say that is absolutely true. We’re not talking about an overhaul, think of it as refinement around the edges….. if you focus on the things that make you come alive, the things that you are passionate about….then it gets a whole lot easier. If you aren’t following your passion or doing what creates positive energy in you, then you need to stop and take a moment. Think and reflect on what drives you and makes you excited, because if you aren’t following that path then growing can and will be a struggle.

For most of my career I’ve been in client facing roles, and I attribute that to identifying early on that I truly enjoy the energy I get from human interaction. The bad interaction as well as the good, is a learning experience. Now I will be honest…………this hasn’t always been an easy path, nor is it always glamorous. I have had my share of meetings where clients can be unreasonable, angry, difficult or challenging. Fortunately this is not the norm, but it provides the opportunity to dig deep and access something within yourself that you didn’t know existed. Perhaps empathy? Patience? Understanding? The ability to listen? The will to succeed and overcome? These are the traits I chose to harness in order to be successful in my role.

Reshaping relationships…this is the area that I concluded would be the best use of my talent. Life is a people business, and people are at the heart and soul of any organization. When I meet with our clients, the feedback I hear about our performance is very positive. I always ask how we can be even better. In order for organizations and people to remain viable, refinement is a must. I can honestly say that the challenging interactions are the ones that have helped me re-assess and up my game. I welcome them now.

When faced with a challenge, I set a goal, and when I have that goal, and it is something I am passionate about, it then becomes a personal challenge that I need to meet. There is a direct correlation between the passion you have for a goal and your ability to achieve it. Align yourself, your attitude, and your job toward your passions, because this is when you will be most successful. And the energy you create day in and day out for that goal will mobilize you to stay on target and achieve it.

Am I too complacent?

Am I too comfortable?

Stop asking why and ask why not?

Why not ask for a new challenge?

Why not raise your hand to work on that large client conversion?

Why not take on one of our new employees and mentor them?

Why not set yourself apart by taking on a stretch assignment?

Mine your potential and keep mining it for your entire career and life.

The payoff is immense and the personal gratification even greater.

To your immense successes!

Viv 🙂

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