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Hi, my name is Viv :), a self motivated person who moved to London in my late teens to achieve my childhood dreams…and what a journey I went through (and still going through till this day!). I have discovered a new culture, language, climate, and became surrounded by fantastic people. The quote above summaries it very well!  :) Yes, it took a lot of changes in my life to achieve my goals and every challenge and experience has been worth the effort ten times over! I want to take this opportunity to thank the key people who have contributed to my achievements to-date and above all I am very grateful to them as they have enriched and improved my life especially one who has recently been my TomTom. I won’t mention your names but you know who you are as I keep reminding you how much I appreciate you and continue to keep sharing my successes with you…:)

My biggest passion is self-development as the moment you stop learning you stop living. :) Therefore I have been encouraged for the last couple of months to write a blog (as you may have already noticed it is a bit different from the others). I am a strong believer that everything in life is possible. I really want to help inspiring people to achieve their life time goals. …it is not a straight forward journey but with determination, hard work, self-discipline, passion and direction, I can guarantee that everyone can do it and the only person that can stop you is YOU!!! Yes, you read it correctly; our self-limited beliefs and lack of confidence can stop us from achieving our goals!!!

My greatest desire is to inspire people to make positive actions and changes in their lives. :) I would like show people that it is never too late to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals, no matter what they are! :)

Life is like a camera 2

I want people to be inspired by what I am about to write based on my limited life experience (as I consider myself a quite young person :)). My articles are under form of personal coaching session so please use them in this light. The only way for you to benefit from it is to get a note-book and take some time to write down and complete the exercises, answer the questions, and take up the challenges that I am going to propose. No doubt this is going to stretch you out of your comfort zone, but it is the only way you can really see real personal growth. Seeing you succeed is something that money cannot pay for, so please do let me know how you get on leaving your valuable comments and by filling the form below. :)

Writing about my thoughts and my experiences is something I have long since despised. Reading about your success stories really compels me to continue this writing. :) So you can definitely assist me to achieve one of my goals this year to regularly write this blog. :)

My genuine and open heart passion is in doing the things I do best. :) I hope to build a successful relationship with you as we embark on a journey and help you begin your new and better life. :) I hope you enjoy what I am going to write and most of all that motivate you to take action in achieving your goals. :)

That is it about me…just a very determined, self-discipline, motivated, passionate and driven person who is willing to do what it takes (do not take it the wrong way only legally and decently!) to achieve my goals! :)

To your success!!! :):):) no perfection but efforts

Viv :)

Double Winner Awards Author of ‘The book on Success


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  1. Hey Viv, got your email and now looking at your blog.. Very nice, which reminds me I forgot to give you mine which I will do some more work on at the end of the seminar… There is a strategy to it but more about that later! See you tomo.


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